Reasons why you need a rowing dock for your manual boating activities

Multiple launches on each side

Multiple launches and multiple opportunities. A rowing dock system gives you the freedom to launch and dock your row boat at easy access points. The dock edges are the most critical spots for launching and exit procedures so this system allows for flotation levels to be next to perfect every time. More stability is a great outcome when structuring a rowing dock for your launch points leading to several boats being able to use the dock at multiple times.

Easy installation process 

Customisable and easily adaptable features help make the installation process of rowing dock systems a breeze when building. Deciding to Install a rowing dock system will be one of the fastest ways you get to own an extension to your waterfront access. Load distribution systems can also be modified if you require heavier loading capacities to further increase stability. The team at Candock will have you launching your boat from your very own dock in no time.

Ability to attach to traditional docking systems 

The flotation technology implemented into the rowing dock systems allows for custom changes and modifications. If you install a system from Candock you get greater access to multiple accessories and designs that can be added to your existing build. If you want a change or looking to add features of different docking systems, Candock can certainly cater for you. A rowing dock system can be built for you to make you feel like you’re walking on land!

Low maintenance and long lasting 

The team at Candock stick by their concept of a maintenance-free system that is durable and long lasting. The 100% plastic products used to create these exceptional docking systems give rise to easy waterfront access with no wood or metal. These systems are made to withstand what the water throws at them so peace of mind is certainly a thing when having a rowing dock on your waterfront. Cost effective long lasting make these systems a must have long term for your rowing activities. The rowing dock products from Candock provide a non-abrasive soft finish for all boaters and anyone that uses the dock.

Meets rowing and FISA standards

Rowing enthusiasts can have a peace of mind when it comes to boating standards. Candock ensures to comply with FISA (French, Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d’Aviron) the World Rowing Federation standards when structuring and building rowing dock systems. For all you rowing competitors, competitions that were supervised by FISA understood the benefits of Candocks’ products highlighting its rowing capabilities. So you know you’re getting world certified products when you install a rowing dock system from Candock.

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