Drive-On Docks

Jet Ski Docks

Bespoke Floating Dock Solution

Our custom Drive-On Docks are made of innovative trailblazing plastic technology, which makes it more efficient compared to other solutions available today on the market! It also has excellent buoyancy thanks to foam-filled interiors, it will remain afloat, even under the worst conditions!

Advantages of Candock’s system

JetRoll System

The JetRoll is fully compatible with our G2 system as well as all other types of docks on the market. This MDPE unit is 100% foam-filled and literally unsinkable. Because no assembly is required, the installation is fast and hassle-free. The launching procedure of your watercraft is made easy; thanks to the 12 urethane wheels and their customizable positions.

Advantages of Candock’s system


The JETSLIDE is a proprietary dry dock system that protects your watercraft’s hull against shellfish and marine vegetation accumulation. These kinds of accumulations can have an impact on the performance of your boat over time. You’ll save money on maintenance and wear and tear on your watercraft by using the JETSLIDE. It’s simple to put together, neat and attractive, versatile, and compatible with a variety of watercrafts. You can also use the JETSLIDE to safely stroll around your pleasure craft. The JETSLIDE is a jet ski and boat dock that requires no maintenance.

Advantages of Candock’s system

The Difference

The JETSLIDE was created to distribute the weight of the watercraft evenly, minimising excessive strain on the hull. The JETSLIDE is built from a new-generation plastic and has no moving parts that can be easily damaged or require frequent maintenance. As a result, you get a high-quality product with cutting-edge technology. The JETSLIDE is both lightweight and impact resistant, as well as resistant to chemical agents, UV rays, and weather climate changes. It will also stay afloat even in the roughest conditions because of its foam-filled interior.

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Maintenance-free with 20 years warranty. You can’t beat a Candock! Enquire today!