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At Candock Australia, we sell top-quality modular floating docks, fully customisable to your needs.

Advantages of PURCHASING

G2 Cube

The G2 Cube – our flagship product that defines excellence and sets us apart in the industry.

Redesigned and refined over the years, the Cube has evolved into a symbol of durability and innovation.

With unparalleled strength and ease of assembly, it stands as the cornerstone of every project, be it residential, commercial, marina and recreational facility docks or any other application.

Advantages of PURCHASING

The Difference

Our modular products are designed to adapt to both current and future needs, ensuring continuous satisfaction for our customers.                     

Our high quality plastic system is guaranteed for twenty years, environmentally friendly, and requires no maintenance.                            Easy to use and reliable, it provides unlimited configurations and application options.

Candock Modular Floating Systems Australia

Maintenance-free with 20 years warranty. You can’t beat a Candock! Enquire today!