Hiring vs buying a floating pontoon

When deciding whether to hire or buy a floating pontoon for your property, waterfront accessibility, project, or for an event with friends and family, there are several factors to consider and keep in mind. 

The frequency of use will be the big deciding factor between the two when making that purchase decision, but it is always important to weigh up both options to leave you better financially. There are multiple reason to either hire or buy a floating pontoon, so let’s take a look:

Hiring a floating pontoon:

Hiring yourself a floating pontoon is best if you need it for a short-time period or a one-off event with friends and family. Quick and easy installation, and removal once finished, could best work for you. Your budget and frequency of use is something to work with when looking to choose the option for some waterfront access.

Buying a floating pontoon:

Now, if water backs onto your property and making use of getting out there as much as possible is something you always look forward to, then buying a floating pontoon is most definitely the best option for you.

A great investment for frequent use, especially if you have water crafts that can be used alongside it. Buying and having it as a feature of your property increases enjoyment as well as land value, plus owning one allows you the flexibility to use it whenever you want. Low maintenance and easy instalment options with weatherproof features can be purchased from a reputable dealer like Candock.

Ultimately, the difference between making a decision on hiring or buying a floating pontoon will depend on your needs, frequency of use, and budget.

Hiring can have its benefits when hosting an event or looking for short-term use. Buying a floating pontoon will add value to your waterfront experiences as well as your property giving you frequent access whenever it best suits you.

If you’re looking to purchase a floating pontoon to assist the use of your watercraft and provide you with endless activities on the water, enquire with Candock now!

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