Floating docks for dive events

For diving event safety and convenience look no further than providing a stable platform for divers to enter and exit the water. Floating docks can be an excellent solution for dive events as they aid divers, as well as providing a safe space for equipment storage and preparation.

Let’s take a look at some important features to consider when designing a floating dock for your next dive event:


The size of the dock will be one of the first things you should consider when designing your divers platform. This will depend on the number of divers and the amount of equipment that may need to be stored on the platform.

Make sure you picture the dock being large enough to accommodate all participating divers and their gear, while still allowing for space to work and comfortable movement.


An important consideration as the depth of water will be where the floating dock will be anchored too. The floating dock must be anchored in water that is deep enough for safe diving but not too deep that it prevents accessibility or requires special equipment.


Easy accessibility on a floating dock is essential for flow and safety within a dive event. It should be designed to be easily accessible for divers of all levels and include features of sturdy handrails, ramps, stairs, non-slip surfaces, and easy entry & exit points to the water.

Equipment storage

Diving equipment is an essential part of the diving sport and a floating dock should have sufficient space for storing dive equipment alongside the divers. You must ensure that the equipment can be stored safely and securely to prevent damage or loss in the water.

Some diving equipment the floating dock can cater for includes tanks, weights, wetsuits, and snorkels.

Safety features

Safety should always be in mind when designing any floating dock for water-based activities. Features to include for divers are life rings, emergency lighting, breathing apparatus, and first-aid kits. Also, it is important that the dock is properly anchored and secured to prevent instability and drifting. 

At Candock, we ensure all of our docks are 100% up-to-scratch when it comes to quality & safety.

Overall, a well-designed floating dock for a dive event can provide a safe and functional platform making it easier for divers to enjoy their time in the water while ensuring safety and comfort. Need a floating dock for your next diving event? Get in touch with Candock today!

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