Buying your dock is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Summer and time on the water go hand-in-hand, so now is the time to get that portable dock for your very own waterfront accessibility. Rising temperatures mean an increased need to spend time on the water, enjoying the natural marine environments this country has to offer. You’ve thought about it and you’ve looked into it, but now you’re ready to prepare your space for installation. Buying and installing a portable dock isn’t and shouldn’t be difficult to get the custom setup you want.

Here is a quick list of simple and easy to work with steps that will allow you to acquire a new portable dock comfortably:

Step 1: Identify the needs and specifications of your project

The needs and specifications of what your dock is going to be built for is the first and most important step of the process. This is where you can determine any challenges or leaky areas associated with your custom build. Determining the fundamentals of the project is crucial to moving forward for a smooth build.

1- Identify what your dock is going to be built for: Jet-ski/boat dock, fishing, kayaking/canoeing , water event, swimming platform, residential, industrial, or commercial.

2- The type of environment the dock will be built in. What will be its geographic location?

3- Decide what type of portable dock system you wish to install. For example:

  • Dry docking system for Jet-ski, boat or PWC (Personal watercraft);
  • Floating dock, Jet-ski/boat or PWC dock system;
  • Basic floating dock;
  • Hiring docks

4- Know the specs of your build

Dry docking system for Jet-ski, boat or PWC

  • Will it be used mostly for Jet-ski, boat or PWC?
  • Craft descriptions: length, weight, model, and make

Floating dock

  • Choose a suitable shape that will align with your custom build and designated use for the dock;
  • Determine the docks dimensions;
  • Pick a suitable colour

Step 2: Identify the legal context of your custom project

You’ve determined the needs and specifications of your portable dock and now it’s time to obtain legal information to proceed with the build. Check with relevant authorities for permits and accessibility to allow you to build your custom dock within the environment which you intend to use it for.

Information included in this step will be the maximum dimensions of your build and the length from the shoreline. Mooring restrictions and marine flora and fauna protection terms and conditions will also need to be included in this step. Research the relevant specifications and legal requirements for all these areas and seek legal advice if unsure at any section to avoid any unnecessary disruption.

Step 3: Do your research

Before making the decision to purchase a dock, ensure that you adequately research, compare and seek professional advice.

This is without a doubt the most exciting step because having your very own custom portable dock is almost in your grasp and your creation will very much soon be a reality. Shop around for the right supplier and the right products that will meet your needs. A great place will be able to help you every step of the way and provide you with the best professional advice and expertise throughout your installation.

The team at Candock is devoted to helping you get the custom portable dock of your choice in a simple and easy way and will continue to service your ongoing needs every step of the way. No matter what type of floating dock you wish to build or what it will be used for, Candock can meet all aspects of your waterfront experience. 

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