Benefits of building a portable dock

A safe place for your boat

When owning a boat it is essential to safeguard it, a portable dock can do just that. Sitting at the water’s edge just off the back of your home, it is by far the best place to keep your eye on your valuable possession. Boats are more likely to get damaged, vandalised, or even stolen at local Marinas, so building a portable dock can help take that out of the equation.

Access water immediately

Access the water any time you want thanks to a portable dock – no need to travel or wait in queues at drop-offs for water access. Limited boat traffic can also save you time and money when searching for a day on the water. Having your own portable dock allows for convenient access and low stress when tying up and docking, as well as giving you your own part of the shoreline for entertainment and water fun activities.

Low build times

Contact your experts, sit back, relax, and have your portable dock built in no time. One of the biggest advantages of making this decision is the quick turnaround time when in production. Customisable to suit the size you want for your property and generally less complex when constructing, Candock can organise the right builder to cater for your needs and get the job done with no stress and no worries.

Enjoy no crowds

No crowds and no worries – say goodbye to crowdful stress! During weekends and holidays you can access the water without the crowd and marina noise. An added benefit also resides in not dropping your boat off at a ramp near a wharf, which can also attract a lot more crowds and fishing traffic.

Add value to your home

An added feature that gives your home added value. An easy access point to your own waterfront will certainly impress friends and family, as well as property value. It is considered as a tangible asset in property valuation as an added addition, just like a swimming pool or renovated bathroom. The portable dock will be a customisable build – the more accessories you have installed and more upgrades you put in place, the higher the value of the property.

More fun and better boating

The fun of boating becomes a lot more enjoyable for you and the family having a portable dock at your waterfront. Whether it is just spending time on the water or going out for a fish, you’ll be able to do it more frequently with your own portable dock. You can even create space for lounging and entertaining by the water, serving as more than just a waterfront parking space. Your built-in dock can be more than just an afterthought!

Custom opportunities

A custom portable dock allows you the opportunity for waterfront boating access specific to your needs. This leads to a more enjoyable lifestyle for all your water-related activities. It is a custom extension of your home with all the bells and whistles that can include custom decking, sundeck and roofs, customisable boat lifts, Jet Ski dock, built in storage, and more. Matching finishes and customisable hardware can also be taken advantage of.

Low dock maintenance

Compared to a dock at the Marina, it allows for more independence. Travelling out to the Marina to service or maintain your boat can be expensive – in both time and money. Having a portable dock allows for low dock and boat maintenance or frequent cost saving service checks. Choosing the Candock can help you preserve the shoreline to maintain its natural features. Low upkeep is the result of a quality build with chosen materials that age with the water gracefully.

Quality, customisable, and convenience can be taken advantage of when building a portable dock with Candock.

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