A simple how-to guide for driving your boat or jet ski onto a floating dock

Let’s get the basics on lock with your floating drive-on dock – a convenient and safe way to drive your boat or jet ski on a flexible and durable platform.

Make life with your watercraft easier for yourself and let’s go through some simple tips to launching and retrieving your watercraft.

1. Approach the floating dock with your watercraft slowly and cautiously.

2. Make sure that your floating dock is securely anchored and stable before attempting to drive your boat or jet ski onto it. This should be checked at all times while in use. 

3. Position your watercraft so that it is perpendicular to the dock before you drive on.

4. You must keep your speed slow and steady as you drive onto the flock dock to prevent instability and falling off the wrong side.

5. Once you are on the dock securely, turn off the engine of your boat or jet ski and secure it tightly using appropriate tie downs and ropes. 

6. When you are ready to leave your dock and launch your watercraft into the water, make sure to check you have released your ties and they are clear of the dock before starting the engine. 

7. Slowly and carefully back your boat or jet ski off the dock and into the water and check you are clear of any obstacles around your launchpoint.

8. Take off onto the water, enjoy yourself, and repeat this for future use!

Although driving your watercraft onto your floating dock is a simple process, it requires some skill and a bit of experience.

If you are not quite confident in your ability to perform this each time you use it, it’s best to seek assistance and experience from professionals and those who provide you with the product.

The team at Candock can assist you with learning how to guide or drive your boat or jet ski onto a floating dock if need be. Alternative methods can be provided for you when launching and retrieving your watercraft. Install a floating dock and work with Candock today!

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