A floating dock for comfort or recreation

Candock’s floating systems and pontoons can serve very well for events and projects, but using them for custom built comfort and recreation spaces will provide you with a surreal experience on the water. Infinite configuration possibilities, durability, and sturdiness gives you the ability to use a floating dock as an overnight stay or leisure platform.

There are a plethora of ways you can use a floating system that is custom made for fast and simple instalment. From large sized structures to simple small floating islands, these systems are made to withstand the sea and any rough chop that the weather may bring. You can blend into the environment and adapt to your waterfront needs with a system that is perfect for you.

Here are some examples for you to experience with a floating dock:

Recreation & watersports

All of the most popular and enjoyable water activities can be enjoyed around installing a floating dock on your chosen body of water. Whether it’s boating, jet skiing, wakeboarding, or a place for your personal watercraft, a floating dock can be benefited alongside all of these and much more. A ramp can be built-in for jet skis to be brought straight onto the dock and low profile cubes can be put together to assist with activities such as rowing and kayaking.

A floating bar

Now what sounds better than relaxing on the water sipping on cocktails from a bar right where you are? The answer is, very little. You will definitely immerse yourself into this feeling by organising to have a floating bar built on top of your floating dock for you to sip back and enjoy yourself.

Swimming & Leisure Platform

Pick your setting, whether it be on a river, lake, or scenic part of the ocean just off an island, a floating dock platform can be made for you to enjoy the ultimate comfort. Day beds and lounges can be out on the platform for you to relax as long as you please. Safety rails and pop up fences can also be installed to take the pressure off the thought of falling or slipping in.

observation & fishing

Now you’ve picked a breathtaking spot in the water and want to make it that extra bit better, simple floating platforms can be made for you to move around easily and observe marine life. Hit several points on the water sightseeing and feel what life above the water is really like. Provided it’s suitable and ok within your chosen environment, throw a line in for your chance to get your own daily catch.

At Candock, we can create floating docks to suit all sorts of comfort and recreation. In need of a relaxing experience on the water? Make sure to book with us today!

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