10 reasons for buying a modular floating system for your family and pets

A modular system for your whole family (yes that includes your pets) should be your next feature to your waterfront property.

These innovative systems are perfect for families and pet owners with properties by the water, and offer a range of benefits that a traditional dock system can’t match.

Let’s look at 10 reasons why you should consider buying a modular floating system for your family and pets:


You can rest easy knowing that your family and pets are safe while on the water with a modular floating system. Designed with safety in mind, these systems have non-slip, handrails, and other safety features to prevent potential accidents and keep your family and pets secure. 


Unparalleled and systematic convenience for family and pet owners while launching a boat, swimming, lounging on the water, or taking your pet by the waterfront. You can modify a custom design for easy water access and no need for traditional docks or public wharfs. 


Fun, enjoyment, and excitement are amongst the best feelings you will have with a modular floating system. There’s a wide range of water activities you can enjoy with your family and pets from fishing and boating to swimming and diving. There’s no limit to the fun you will have with a modular floating system.


These modular floating systems are made and designed to last, with high quality materials and construction that can withstand the toughest weather conditions the water throws at it. Being this durable, you’re able to enjoy the system for years to come without worrying about damage or wear and tear.


Customisation is at the cusp of innovation with modular floating systems. With a modular floating system you have the ability to customise the shape, size, and configuration to suit your needs. A system can be created perfectly for your family and pets, whether you’re looking for a simple floating dock or a more complex system with multiple cubic metres.


Unlike your more traditional docking systems, modular floating systems are a lot more mobile and allow you to move your system across different locations where you see fit. This is especially useful when you’re using the system for events and gatherings, or when you need to relocate due to water level changes and marine conditions.


Modular floating systems can be designed with pets in mind, including features for their enjoyment and well-being, such as ramps or pet-specific areas. Your furry friends can be brought with you for fun without the stress of their safety or discomfort. They will soon come to love this new waterfront feature and be by your side everytime you go out to step foot on it.


Many of these modular floating systems are made sustainably with eco-friendly materials such as recycled plastics, foam fills, and non-oxidising or deteriorating components. This means you are able to enjoy your system without harming the environment and even use it to promote a sustainable living.


A modular floating system can be a smart investment decision for families and pet owners that wish to enjoy their time by the water. Not only does it provide a safe and fun way to enjoy the waterfront, but increases the value of your property. This can potentially provide you with a return on investment if you decide to sell in the future. 

Quality time

Arguably the biggest reason to invest your time and money into a modular floating system for your family and pets. The quality time you’ll spend together on the water can’t be matched and whether you’re relaxing in the sun, fishing, swimming, or boating, a modular floating system provides that for your family and pets. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your waterfront experience on your property for your family and pets then a modular floating system should be your next purchase. Contact the team at Candock today and design a system that’s perfect for you!

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